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Growing with Organisations

For us, understanding the underlying needs, values and culture of a group that we are to work with is imperative.

While we do conduct programs around specific general themes (for instance, an organisation might benefit from a workshop on ‘work-life balance’), our expertise lies in developing longer-term programs that are optimised to specific needs of a population. Part of such an engagement would involve an initial assessment of the needs themselves, that would lead to a stage-wise feedback analysis to help keep the program synchronised with the impact it is meant to create.

Our previous engagements include working with various student-led organisations to provide pro-bono counselling sessions to students who express the need to seek help; working with non-profit organisations (such as CBN, NCR) to develop content aimed at reducing stigma and discrimination related to mental health by way of creating awareness around the topic, among others.

Interested in building a program that suits your needs precisely? Contact us here.