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Terms and Conditions 

Therapy & Counselling Services:

In order to make the most out of our services, we request our clients to go through and agree to the following Terms & Conditions under which sessions and other services will be conducted by professionals working with MyInsight Clinic and its associated platforms :

  1. If either party (the Client or the Psychologist) is running late according to the previously agreed session time, it is the corresponding party’s responsibility to inform in due time. Additionally, if the Client is running late by more than 10 minutes (and especially if they haven’t been able to provide notice for the same), they would need to check in with their Psychologist to see if it is still okay to start the session at the delayed time, and to confirm the possibility for an extension of the session duration beyond the agreed time if needed.
  2. The extension mentioned in point 1 would be subject to the Psychologist’s availability and cannot be guaranteed beforehand.
  3. If a Client is on time and wishes to extend their session beyond the initially decided time, they can request for an extension that will remain subject to the availability of the Psychologist. Such an extension (beyond 5-10 minutes) is subject to additional charges, as per session rates.
  4. 48 Hour Rescheduling/Cancellation Policy: If a Client wishes to cancel or reschedule their appointment, they must provide at least 48 hours notice before the appointment time decided (for example, before 2 pm on a Tuesday for a decided session time of 2 pm on a Thursday of the same week). Any change requested with less than 48 hours remaining to the session will be charged an amount equivalent to the fee for one session. The Client must make this payment before any future appointments are confirmed.
  5. In case of a Rescheduling request, the Client would need to inform the Psychologist of their availability and the new session time will be decided based on mutual convenience and availability.
  6. Request for Fee Waiver: The Client may choose to request for a fee waiver in case of a cancellation or rescheduling due to unavoidable circumstances, which the therapist may choose to accommodate on a case-by-case basis.
  7. Refund Policy: If a Client cancels or schedules within 48 hours of the session time, no amount will be refunded (please look to points 4 and 5 for more information).
  8. If due to unforeseen circumstances the rescheduling is initiated from the therapist’s end, a new session time/date will be provided and scheduled within 7 days of the change. The client can accordingly choose to respond and follow up from their end in this duration; if they are unable to respond, confirm and/or meet within the time offered, it will count as a cancellation on their part.
  9. If a weekly time slot has been set, the therapist may hold on to that slot for future sessions on a tentative basis for convenience’s sake. This time for a future session will be confirmed with the client once before the closing of a given and present session; any changes to this schedule need to be re-confirmed with the therapist keeping in mind points number 4, 5 and 7.
  10. Suicide and harm related to self and others are tragic events with strong emotional repercussions for its survivors & for families of its victims. Every therapist’s attempt is to prevent such events from occurring. However, the acts under consideration are impulsive & as such our Psychologist(s) or MyInsight Clinic cannot be held liable for it. We do offer sessions based on immediate and urgent concerns, but these are still based on availability within the Psychologist’s schedule. It is important to note that we are not a crisis intervention centre and therefore do not provide emergency services. Clients who have an emergency must use local & available emergency resources.
  11. Everything that happens in our therapy session remains confidential between us, with the following exceptions:
    • We will discuss aspects of our work in supervision with students, peers or supervisors, but your identity will remain protected.
    • When required by law, which is very rare, we may contact another medical professional and/or your emergency contact if we believe you are likely to cause serious injury to yourself or others. We may do this without consultation with you if you are not in a position to discuss other options with us.
    • The administration and other scheduling platforms (such as Lybrate) will have your name & number for the purposes of scheduling.
  12. We hold the value of your confidentiality in the highest regard. We would like to inform you that all the details that the client mentions on the website forms will be handled directly and only by our administration for the purpose of maintaining general records and appointments. Details discussed within the therapeutic space are not included here and are kept strictly confidential.
  13. Our professionals reserve the right to discontinue therapy owing to their mental health and sense of security. Any individual or client who displays lewd or indecent behavior, or makes the staff feel uncomfortable or unsafe will be asked to leave the vicinity.
  14. In event of equipment failure or technical glitches within an online session, the session timings will be adjusted and no extra charges shall be incurred. This can further be discussed with your Psychologist.
  15. Our mental health professionals do maintain an electronic record for each patient for whom they provide remote services. Such a record will include an assessment, client identification information, contact information, history, treatment plan, informed consent, and other information about fees and billing.

 Educational and Outreach Services:

For students or professionals in field of Psychology wishing to participate in any programs conducted by us, it is important to know about the following terms and conditions related to said programs:

  1. After successful completion of a training program, e-certificates will be awarded to each participant. The fee for a program, once paid, may only be partially refunded, particularly if the concerned program has already begun. In case, you may not be able to attend the program you have enrolled for, you may request to be shifted to another program which is similarly priced, subject to the enrollment/availability of the facilitator. Please note, this option can be availed only within 3 months from the date of payment. The above details may vary across programs, hence we request you to clarify with us directly in case of any doubts.
  2. It is compulsory for each participant to log in at the start of every class and log out at the end of each class. Failing to do this will reflect on deduction of attendance hours.  The number of hours will be mentioned on the certificate to ensure that the certificates are not used in a manner to mislead any authority.
  3. If you are missing a class in case of foreseen or unforeseen circumstances, to make up the hours, an individual session will have to be taken with the Psychologist taking the class, subject to their availability. The fee for these additional classes will be equal to the Psychologists session charges.
  4. An exception may be considered only if the class as a whole (barring none) wants to shift the date or a session. The concerned facilitator(s) will also have to look into availability & decide accordingly.
  5. In order to obtain a certificate after frequent absences, the program will have to be re-taken, in the event that it runs again (above rules apply*).
  6. We understand that there may be technical difficulties given the nature of any session. In such a case, you’re required to report it to the facilitator or administration immediately and try to join the webinar link at the earliest possible. The facilitator will try their best to accommodate, however, it is your responsibility to secure a stable internet connection.
  7. Our sessions will not be recorded. If you fail to show up for the same after the registration the study material/notes as well as certificate of completion will not be provided. If you miss a call those hours are deducted from your final training hours.
  8. Please note that during the course of your online training, your facilitator would initially engage in discussion and evaluation of subjects in a theoretical albeit interactive manner, a period during which we urge each student to participate as fully as they can.
  9. Henceforth, a student may be provided with the opportunity to interact with clients either directly as a trainee/peer/student counsellor, as a co-counsellor/observer of a session being conducted by a psychologist on our time. In either scenario, the trainee would be required to discuss their experiences within such sessions with their facilitator and peers (while ensuring the client’s confidentiality to the highest degree possible). Any such experiences would be subject to the individual client’s consent and comfort; MyInsight Clinic cannot be held liable in case a client withdraws consent at any given moment. 
  10. It is recommended that during the course of their training, students also develop a habit of learning and updating their knowledge based on established and published research studies. 
  11. Since it is an online based internship/workshop, keeping your web-cameras on during the classes is mandatory. Failing to do so will reflect in the participant’s attendance for that class. 
  12. As per our policies, international charges for webinars & internships will vary depending on which country and currency the payment is being made from. For more information on the same, kindly contact us directly (redirect: contact us).
  13. We believe that a letter of recommendation is an extremely important document and thus we are extremely careful about who we provide LORs too. 
  14. Refund Policy & Cancellation Policy : Once payment is completed, a percentage of the fee amount would be refunded depending upon the time left till the commencement date of the training. If the student cancels within 4 days of the commencement date, no amount will be refunde