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Our Story

Established in February 2020, MyInsight Clinic (Gurgaon) has been founded by Ms. Yukti Ballani (B. Ed., M. A. Psychology (Clinical); P.G.F. in Mental Health Education (NIMHANS Bangalore)), a trained Psychologist, Mental Health Educator and Teacher.

Over her career, she observed, researched and worked on the need and importance of enhancing service accessibility in the mental healthcare sector at both the individual and community levels. The clinic and its associated platforms, as a result, work on building professional, confidential and trustworthy spaces in various contexts. This commitment is supported by our team’s desire to provide a mental healthcare service that is based on values such as 

Holism: A holistic approach in mental health keeps the individual at the crux of recovery and treatment, and not their diagnosis or symptoms. Even as an individual is living with specific mental health concerns or an illness, their rehabilitation wouldn’t just involve efforts to reduce symptoms but to overall improve their quality of life

Inclusivity: Diversity and differences are a natural part of life, and we aim to cater to the needs of the individual, community or organisation in a way that is aware, respectful and inclusive of all diversity, as and when it presents itself. The clinic is open to supporting anyone who may need it

Accessibility: Individuals may face difficulty in accessing mental healthcare services even when the appropriate infrastructure is present, due to many reasons. One major barrier in India and across the world is Stigma. The clinic currently handles social media platforms for the purpose of creating IEC (information, education, communication) materials that increase mental health literacy at no cost. Although presently we are only meeting with clients online due to the ongoing pandemic, we plan to continue doing so even as we start with face-to-face sessions. Please contact us for the latest information on this developing situation

Affordability: We understand that over time, going for therapy sessions can seem like an expensive endeavour. We try our best to provide various options to help make therapy more affordable, such as providing pro-bono (free) first consultations, sliding scale fees, pro-bono (free) sessions for limited periods, session bundles, etc. If you’re interested in starting your therapy sessions with us, please contact us to know about the current availability of any such options

We understand that certain barriers often may deter seeking of mental healthcare services (such as stigma and discrimination, affordability of therapy) – our platform is thus dedicated to making this process easier while maintaining a standard of efficacy across our services.

We understand that speaking to a stranger about what’s coming up for you might be difficult, and that making the decision to do so might bring up doubts. If that’s the case, maybe it would help to:

Know more about our team
Go through our FAQ section
Know more about specific concerns we could help you with
Speak to us about your concerns