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Making Therapy Affordable

at myinsight clinic

Affordability is a relative concept – in the way that a cost that one person could pay comfortably might not be so for another. Considering that attaining any ‘gains’ in mental health recovery can be a deliberate process, an individual seeking professional mental health support might need to figure out what is ‘affordable’ to them (keeping their specific concerns in mind)

In order to assist you in this journey, you may find it helpful to think about the following before or as you’re seeking professional mental health support:

  • Think about your personal ‘mental health budget’ – what can you keep aside for your mental health? 
  • If you would need to seek financial support for therapy from someone who isn’t privy to your concerns (say, your family members), you may want to prepare and talk about these concerns with them before you begin your sessions so as to best understand your resources (in terms of finances and their support for your therapeutic journey)
  • Keep in mind can take a few tries and some time to find a ‘good fit’ in therapy, that is, finding a space that facilitates your needs and helps you bring about the changes you wish to achieve. 
  • Talking about the fee with a professional might be more of a discussion than you think, as many (to the best of their abilities) offer options to help make therapy more affordable depending on the individual client’s comfort

What about us, you ask? We have a range of options available as well:

  • From time to time, our professionals offer pro-bono, or ‘free’ therapy services for limited time periods, through the year
  • To those who need it, we offer a free first consultation (lasting about 20 minutes) for clients who may wish to discuss their concerns before they schedule a full time session
  • Our professionals often also charge within a ‘sliding scale’ setup, which is known to make therapy more accessible to all. Such fees exists in a range; that is, there is an upper and lower amount of the fee, within which you can request an amount that is affordable to you  
  • We often offer reductions if you were to pay for session bundles rather than for individual sessions; such offers are applicable for a minimum of 4 sessions
  • We routinely provide limited period offers for extremely affordable therapy sessions, going as low as 50 INR per session

If you wish to know more about the options available right now, we suggest you look through our events, or contact us to know more

Our platform contains tons of information for anyone who is thinking of taking therapy, or just looking to know more about it, so please feel free to browse around!

From our side, we can make a few suggestions as to what you might like to read next:

  • Go through the articles on our blog – all written by mental health experts or experts-in-the making
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  • Or just call us up if you need to speak with a professional directly!


If you wish to book a free first session, you could speak to one of our team members here

Want to know which of the above are currently available? Please contact us here to know more